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LIME-Anime is recruiting staff!

We are currently taking applications for the positions listed below to fill staff positions in the near future.

No experience is necessary for the QC (Quality Check) position, just a good eye for detail and the ability to write clearly, but any experience you have would be a plus. This does not apply to DVD Encoder or Editor, as both jobs require technical expertise and an excellent command of the English language. Translators need a good working knowledge of the Japanese language, knowledge of Hirigana, Katakana, and Kanji are also helpful. There are also some technical and experience requirements for Typsetter and Timer.

If you succeed in joining the LIME-Anime team, your reward will be getting our releases before they are available to the public and you'll have the inside track on our future projects. You'll also get to meet and work with some truly amazing personalities that are unique to the LIME-Anime team.

Positions Now Open:
Positions Not Currently Offered:
Positions In Consideration:

To apply for any of the open positions, you can either E-Mail us, or you can join our IRC channel and message halo1322.

Please note, asking to join may not necessarily mean we want you on board, we may ask to test your skills.

We are always looking for new staff, so check back here regularly for any updates!
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