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24th April 2013 - 07:59 by halo1322
Life Without Anime is BORING!!
I have determined that life without anime is boring beyond belief! At least I can still satisfy the itch by encoding for myself while I get ready to deploy once again to the sun and fun of an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia...

25th December 2012 - 19:32 by halo1322
Nearly a year since I last put anything up here...


23rd January 2012 - 19:21 by halo1322
Missing This Already...
Well as promised earlier in the week... the LIME-Anime torrents are no more... it’s been a lot of fun over the last six years, but as they say nothing lasts forever. As I’ve already stated in my previous post the forum is still available as well as our IRC channel and who knows this may only be a transitional phase to something even more wonderful...

Thanks for everything!

halo1322, kemuri-_9, and DWK
19th January 2012 - 19:57 by halo1322
LIME-Anime Suspends Download Links Indefinitely
Well as the title of this post states LIME-Anime will suspend ALL download links and packlists on 23 January 2012. This decision was not made lightly or arbitrarily. Considering where things have been going recently with SOPA/PIPA and other considerations like the recent take-down of Mega Upload it’s no longer worth the potential legal hassels to maintain our download files. After discussing this decision with DWK and kemuri-_9 we’ve decided that this is the best course of action. That is not to say that LIME-Anime will go away completely, the forum will still be available for use and our site may morph into something else... what that may be remains to be determined...

Anyway, keep the faith and don’t hesitate to use either the mIRC channel or the forums to keep the discussion going.


26th March 2011 - 23:18 by halo1322
Our fair lady shall be laid to rest...
If anyone has been watching our IRC channel you’ll know that the economy finally caught up to me and has forced me to drop my dedicated server... so Otome1 will be going into hibernation for now and will hopefully be resurrected at some point in the future... *sniff*

Sleep well Otome1 it’s been a fun 4 years...

1st January 2011 - 08:04 by halo1322
Happy 2011 everybody!!

I wish everyone the best and hope that the the new year becomes everything you were wishing for...

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